Standing Up For Portsmouth Children & Youth

Since 2012, we’ve planted the Portsmouth Pinwheels for Prevention Garden. A blue pinwheel – a child’s simple toy – represents our efforts to engage the community in child abuse and neglect prevention.

By focusing on activities and policies that strengthen families, we can help make childhood a fond memory for all Portsmouth individuals. The 2018 Portsmouth Pinwheel Garden will be dedicated by Matthew James of the Virginia House of Delegates.


Earl & Diane Pomeroy Griffin

The Hon William S. Moore, Jr.


Jim & Kathy Cullen


Carl & Susan Fincke


Judi Luffman


Mark & Ulla Geduldig-Yatrofsky


Tidewater Community College – Portsmouth


Norfolk by Boat


John & Carol Rowe


Sprinkle & Sprinkle, PLLC


Portsmouth Bar Assocation


Champions for Children/Prevent Child Abuse Hampton Roads


Portsmouth Police Dept.

Bruce & Wynne LaLonde


Lane & Perkinson PC


Network Interfaces Corp.


Lynn F. Briley


Portsmouth Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services


Calvary Baptist Church